Houstonian Blend
Houstonian Blend
Houstonian Blend

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Originally, the Duncan Coffee Company Houstonian Blend was the signature coffee of the company. Today, almost a century later, Bright and Early Coffee’s Houstonian Blend is practically unchanged in flavor and satisfaction. A blend of Brazilian and Central American coffees, this medium roast blend is an excellent way to start your day, sip during a break, or enjoy in the evening during a sunset. It’s mild enough to savor, yet bold enough to awaken the senses. Select your preferred grind whether you brew your coffee with an automatic drip machine, a French press, or any other appliance. Available in bags of varying sizes according to weight, and in regular or decaf. Coffee drinkers will truly enjoy the Houstonian Blend, a fresh-roasted coffee celebrating Texas and coffee drinkers everywhere!