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Duncan Coffee Duncan Coffee Texas Coffee Roaster
Texas Coffee Roaster Texas Coffee Roaster Texas Coffee Roaster
Texas Coffee Roaster Texas Coffee Roaster Elan Yirgacheffe Gr. 2, Organic, RFA, YCFU
Fazenda Lagoa Estate - Brazil  out of stock Guatemalan Antigua Kenya AA
Kenya AA
Mexican Chiapas HG EP Turquesa Papau New Guinea Salimba Estate
Sulawesi (Celebes) Kolosi Toraja Sumatra Mandheling Tanzania Peaberry
Zimbabwe Dandoni Estate

Coffee by the Pound

We like to savor an excellent cup of coffee. For most of us, a good cup is rich in flavor and made from gourmet roasted coffee beans. Our single-origin coffees are from the finest farms and locales in South America, Latin America and Africa.

If you’re looking to buy fresh-roasted Colombian coffee beans or perhaps buy Brazilian coffee beans, we have a fine assortment of South American coffee with smooth, intoxicating flavors. Our Latin American coffees reach as far as Costa Rica and as nearby as Mexico, offering crisp, vibrant flavors that are sure to delight with each sip. From Africa, we offer beans from Zimbabwe, Kenya and others, and we revel in their rich, earthy notes.

Choose any one of our single-origin coffees to get high-quality beans directly from the source. We know you’ll enjoy the freshest cup of coffee from one of the many regions known to provide the best, plus you’ll contribute to sustaining relationships between producers and roasters. Shop today!