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Bright and Early Coffee Merchandise

By now, you may be familiar with our story. We’re a Texas company providing gourmet coffees and teas in the glimmering spirit of the Lone Star State, and we have been doing so for generations upon generations. We can’t thank our loyal customers enough for their support through the years. Likewise, we welcome all new customers with open arms and wide smiles. Here, you can continue your support by browsing Bright and Early Coffee Limited Edition items.

We’re constantly adding new and exciting products to this page, so be sure to check back often. By shopping our merchandise for sale, you’re continuing to support the hard work and efforts that were put in place by the original founders of the company, back when we were simply known as Duncan Coffee Company. We’ve seen our story take some turns, and it’s been a wild ride! Today, though, we’re firmly embedded in the coffee community, proudly serving our customers and establishments that enjoy our Texas offerings. Support Bright and Early Coffee by purchasing our fine line of coffees and teas, but make a statement with our merchandise!