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Flavored Gourmet Tea

Comfort is synonymous with peace of mind. In Texas, especially, we take the time to peacefully appreciate all that we’ve been given, earned or granted. And there’s no better way to feel gratuitous than over a soothing cup of herbal tea. Shop our herbal tea by the pound for the flavors and blends that inspire comfort.

Our gourmet tea leaves for sale are rich in taste and loaded with depth and body. When you buy loose tea leaves from Bright and Early Coffee, you’re receiving a quality product that speaks from the heart of Texas directly to you. We offer traditional flavors like Earl Gray, Chamomile Comfort and Green Tea to nourish your spirit, plus others with bouquets of citrus and herbs to comfort your soul. In addition, we stock our Signature Iced Tea Blend, a refreshingly hand-blended tea that might whisk you away to a summer evening on the porch, glass in hand. Each order is packed by hand before shipping. Order our gourmet teas today and enjoy the comforts of Texas!

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Buckingham Palace Garden Party

A heavenly tea with medium body and delicate Earl grey and jasmine notes. Packed in 1/2lb packages. Growing Country- Kenya, China, Sri Lanka, India
Texas Coffee Roaster
Chamomile Comfort

Pure 100% natural chamomile gives Chamomile Herb Tea the luscious golden tone and delicate flavor that make it a traditional favorite. Chamomile tea has long been cherished as a soothing antidote for life's complications. In centuries past, the people of the English countryside valued no plant in their garden more than this herb, which they treasured as a domestic remedy to comfort the soul. Nourish your spirit and restore your calm as you savor a cup of our Chamomile Herb Tea. Hand packed into 8-ounce packages.
Earl Grey

This blend of fine China teas has a distinctive flavour and divine bouquet that comes from oil of bergamot (a citrus fruit). Named for the second Earl of Grey who is said to have originally brought the recipe to Europe from China. Hand packed into 1/2lb packages
English Breakfast

A good body, but not overpowering, with satisfying full tea flavor notes. Hand Packed into 1/2lb packages
Jasmine With Flowers

A green tea with surprising body and a captivating floral taste. Hand-packaged into 1/2lb bags.
Peach Apricot

A flavorful combination of mellow peaches with deep, full flavored apricots. Packed in 1/2lb bags.

Peppermint Herb Tea combines the whistling cool freshness of mint with the steaming comfort of a hot mug of 100% natural herb tea. Settle into an intimate cove and steala few moments for yourself, letting the delectably sweet taste of peppermint pour over your thoughts. It'll take you back to festive winter holidays and bedtime chats in warm woolen slippers. Savor the natural goodness of Peppermint Herb Tea either hot or iced and nestle into the freshly cool flavor of mint. Hand packed into 1/2lb packages
Rainbow Rooibos

Fruity with sweet notes, a secret flavoring gives this Rooibos a sweet amaretto taste. Hand packed into 1/2lb packages
Sencha Kyoto Rose Festival

Light liquoring, with depth and body. Cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints give an exotic character. Packed into 1/2lb bags
Signature Iced Tea Blend

Our signature iced tea blend. Hand blended and packed fresh in 1/2 pound packages.