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Dilmah Tea

Tea is a beverage often turned to for spiritual healing, nurturing comfort or meditative properties. Finding high-quality teas means satisfying all areas of the body and mind. Dilmah Tea, from Sri Lanka, is committed to delivering a quality product, and Bright and Early Coffee happily obliges by offering the opportunity to buy Dilmah Tea online.

We offer a fine selection of premium Dilmah Tea flavors sure to invigorate the senses while soothing the palate. Dilmah Tea is widely known around the world for its aromatic blends of herbs and citrus. The attention to detail contributes to the success of the product, as Dilmah Tea prides itself on its authenticity and commitment to fresh, rich-tasting teas that are loaded with antioxidants. We offer these teas at some of the best prices found anywhere online. Browse our selection and order Dilmah Tea today to experience a truly satisfying cup of tea, from Sri Lanka to Texas to you!

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Dilmah Green Tea With Cinnamon

out of stock     GREEN TEA lightly spiced with Cinnamon, offers a touch of sweet spice. Aromatic & sophisticated.(20 individually foil wrapped tea bags)
Dilmah Exotic - Mango OUT OF STOCK

The soft, sweet, fleshy texture of ripe Mango in a teacup. The combination produces a fruity brew with a sweet finish. The texture, offers a balanced and juicy character.(25 individually foil wrapped tea bags)
Dilmah Green Tea With Jasmine Petals

GREEN TEA. A mild green tea with the traditional, natural Jasmine flavor. The perfume of Jasmine is added using petals of Jasmine, a process several thousand years old. Uplifting and aromatic.(20 individually foil wrapped tea bags)
Dilmah Irish Breakfast OUT OF STOCK

The Irish enjoy their tea strong and dark. This Single Origin Ceylon Tea is rich and intense, with a malty finish. It is dark in appearance with hues of burgundy and chocolate. This tea is best enjoyed with milk.(20 individually foil wrapped tea bags)
Dilmah Exotic - Blackcurrant

A lightly tart, tangy and yet sweet Berry flavor of Blackcurrant beautifully combines with a Ceylon Single Region Tea to offer an aromatic and pleasing tea.(20 individually foil wrapped tea bags)
Dilmah Exotic - Ginger & Honey

An aromatic combination with a prominent honey note tempered with spicy ginger. Fragrant, slightly sweet and spicy. A lively tea.(20 individually foil wrapped tea bags)
Dilmah Exotic - Lychee

The soft sweetness of the regal lychee fruit with its aromatic and succulent nature, is delicious in its marriage with a Ceylon high grown tea.(20 individually foil wrapped tea bags)
Dilmah Green Tea With Lemon Grass OUT OF STOCK

GREEN TEA finely balanced with the herbal lemon character of Lemongrass. Mild & calming.(20 individually foil wrapped tea bags)
Dilmah T-Caddy - Ceylon Young Hyson Green Tea OUT OF STOCK

Delicate Ceylon Young Hyson Green Tea from Ceylon's Gampola District, grown at 1,400 feet elevation. This tea has an elegant appearance with long, well twisted leaf yielding a pleasantly mild liquor. A gentle brew, with yellow infusion and a slight sweetness in its finish. The large leaf unfurls when infused, to reveal a full tea leaf. An ideal accompaniment to a meal, or as a relaxing afternoon tea.(20 Luxury Leaf tea bags in stylish tin caddy)
Dilmah T-Caddy - Italian Almond Tea OUT OF STOCK

A medium strength Ceylon Tea, fragrant and with a slightly sweet almond finish. Mid-elevation Ceylon Tea from Dombagastalawa Estate fused with the bitter-sweet flavor of Italian Almond. The slightly malty Ceylon Tea produces a deep amber infusion which is enveloped by a deliciously piquant aroma of amaretto. The tea has a nutty, sweet edge with a rich body. Ideal taken with sweet cakes and pastries.(20 Luxury Leaf tea bags in stylish tin caddy)