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Specialty Coffee Blends

When you’re looking for premium coffee blends online, it’s easy to get swept up in fancy packaging and funny names like a lot of other coffee roasters offer. At Bright and Early Coffee, we don’t dance around with gimmicks. We know you want to buy gourmet coffee blends, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

We carry gourmet dark roast coffee beans by the pound, like our French Roast, in addition to a fine selection of medium roast blends, like our “Houstonian Blend” and the top-selling “1918 Blend”—a coffee so distinctly flavorful, we’re proud to call it our signature blend, just as our founder did almost 100 years ago when he served it to the finest restaurants, hotels and railroad dining cars all throughout Texas.

Don’t settle for a subpar coffee blend in which flavors are hidden. Instead, browse our coffees made of specially selected beans that are then fresh-roasted for maximum satisfaction. Shop today and support small business!

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An smooth blend of South and Central American coffees roasted separately and then blended according to the same blend specs as H.M. Duncan did in 1918. Our signature blend. MEDIUM ROAST
1918 Blend

Enjoy our signature 1918 coffee blend, which is a medium roast coffee blend of South and Central American coffees. Fresh-roasted beans are blended according to the same specifications of our founder, H. M. Duncan, who began serving and selling this blend back in the year 1918. Taste the coffee that put our company on the map and has sustained a richly delicious flavor for generations of Texans. Buy our 1918 coffee blend and savor the origins of the Duncan Coffee Company, currently known as Bright and Early Coffee. Choose between four options of how you prefer your coffee ground, whether for automatic drip machines or French presses. Whole beans are available as well! Enjoy our 1918 Blend and taste a bit of Texas!

Black Majic

Costa Rican Tres Rios beans roasted almost to black for a rich dark flavor. DARK ROAST
Texas coffee Roaster
Breakfast Blend

Wake up gently with this invigorating blend of dark Espresso and medium roasted Costa Rican coffees. Bold, jazzy and aromatic, this brew is a perfect way to start the day.

Our special age-old blend creates a rich and tangy coffee that is both soothing and invigorating. This brew has been described as the ultimate Espresso experience. Try this cup brewed or use a home espresso maker. Medium roast
French Roast *DARK ROAST*

French Roast is mellow with full body and flavor. Our blend of high-grade Central American beans make a coffee with intriguing dynamics and fascinating depth. Region Costa Rica Tres Rios

One pound of fresh roasted Houstonian Blend Coffee and one half pound Houstonian Blend Decaf.
House Blend

Specially selected Central American coffee beans make up this most popular blend. The balanced, mild flavor make it a good first exposure to gourmet coffees. Great taste for any time of day!
Houstonian Blend
Houstonian Blend

Originally, the Duncan Coffee Company Houstonian Blend was the signature coffee of the company. Today, almost a century later, Bright and Early Coffee’s Houstonian Blend is practically unchanged in flavor and satisfaction. A blend of Brazilian and Central American coffees, this medium roast blend is an excellent way to start your day, sip during a break, or enjoy in the evening during a sunset. It’s mild enough to savor, yet bold enough to awaken the senses. Select your preferred grind whether you brew your coffee with an automatic drip machine, a French press, or any other appliance. Available in bags of varying sizes according to weight, and in regular or decaf. Coffee drinkers will truly enjoy the Houstonian Blend, a fresh-roasted coffee celebrating Texas and coffee drinkers everywhere!

Houstonian Blend Half Caff

We will blend our top selling Houstonian Blend with the Houstonian Blend decaf. Remember that DECAF IS FOR QUITTERS!
Kona Blend

Kona coffee has a reputation for being an exceptionally smooth and satisfying cup of coffee. At Bright and Early Coffee, we’ve blended large, fancy Kona beans grown on the Hawaiian islands with rich, flavorful Central American estate coffees from the Tres Rios region for an unforgettable gourmet Kona coffee. Coffee drinkers from Hawaii to Maine and beyond will truly enjoy this whole bean Kona coffee, or choose to have it ground for automatic drip machines and French presses. Available in three sizes of bags of varying weight, plus in regular or decaf.